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| Posted by Megan for Sutter Home

It’s our 10 year anniversary of supporting the fight against breast cancer, and we are more committed than ever! We hope you like pink as much as we do because starting tomorrow, through the month of October, our Facebook page will be all things pink!

There’s a bunch of cool programs available all month long including:

-Pink Jerseys: Every week in October 100 lucky fans will be randomly selected to receive a Sutter Home for Hope pink jersey! Make sure to check our Facebook page tomorrow on how to enter your info and you may be one of the lucky chosen.

- Send-In-Those-Capsules Get-Together Checklists: Perfect for a much needed Girls Night In, a sophisticated Brunch (best meal ever!), or a fun way to spice up your weekly Tailgating Party. These checklists tell you everything you need to know, including how to decorate, what to serve, a recommended playlist, and of course what wine to drink! It’s the perfect way to get all your friends together while also supporting a great cause.

-Badge: Click here to receive a downloadable badge. Print it out, show it off, or even make it your Facebook or Twitter profile picture to show you support Sutter Home for Hope!

-Capsules: Don’t forget you can still send in your capsules or receipts from any bottle of Sutter Home wine and we will donate $1.00 to the fight against breast cancer. Click here to find out more.


Submitted by Amor Canaday on

Congrats, 10 yr. Donor:-)

Submitted by Megan on

Hi Yari! Unfortunately our jerseys are not currently for sale, the only way to get one is through our Facebook page.

Submitted by Amor Canaday on

Good Deed for a Good Cause!!! Congrats! I'm a 10 yr. survivor and you're a 10 yr. Donor!

Submitted by yari on

Is there any way to buy one of those sutter home pink jerseys. I'm a nurse and really wanna spread awareness. I've been searching and no luck. I'm not on Facebook so I can't do it that way.

Submitted by Yolanda Ramos on

I am a 2 1/2 year breast cancer survior. How Can I enter to get one of those pink jersey I have tried here and on Facebook it doesn't work. Thanks. Yolanda Ramos

Submitted by Amor Canaday on

Dear Megan,
first of all, let me congratulate you and SutterHome for the good deeds you guys are doing for Breast Cancer Awareness. I'm happy to tell you that I'm 1 of the fortunate survivors of this terrible disease:-) and guess what it's my 10 yrs. Anniversary too of being a survivor! I was diagnosed during the 9/11 tragedy so I dealt with my own terrorist and my own ground zero for I had mastectomy. I was glad that my cancer cells had stage fright that my cancer was on stage 0. Non-invasive that I didn't have chemo nor radiation. Tons of prayers & love from my family, friends n strangers helped me fought this WORLD'S GREATEST ENEMY! Your campaign's Pink Jersey T- shirt display in Walmart here in Reno caught my attention coz' of the BIG 10 yrs. Sutterhome is supporting Breast Cancer & it coincided w/ my 10 yrs. of being a survivor. I'd love to have that jersey shirt whatever it takes to show the world that I survived & spread the message of LOVE, HOPE & COMPASSION that you guys are
doing. Sad to say, my mom, aunt and dad lost their battle to C. Megan, my family & I have been supporting of all the campaign for cancer by using the music CD that my 2 children composed. The music was used by American Cancer Society and other campaign like Relay for Life in different states and Cancer Centers to generate more monies for the fundraising and all of them were a success. I'd love to send you a copy if you don't mind and maybe it will also help you guys get more monies for the cause. The name of the song is " Fight For Me" & it's been around since my Mom's passing. Any form of media helped also in promoting the music to help the cause. I always believe that there's a reason why I'm still breathing & talking to you via email, it's because I need to keep on helping. Even tho' I won the battle, I still fighting this BIG C for others the way I know. I think of each day as my last so Whatever I can do today, I don't delay it for tomorrow. I do believe that "There's No Overdose In Giving".....I'm giving you my contact phone no. so if you're interested to know more about my children past projects, old websites and its legalities,
please feel free to reach me, we'd like to help...Blessings and more power to you and your Sutterhome family! Amor Canaday

Home: 775-657-6370
Cell: 509-428-9396

Submitted by GAIL SEIDENBERG on


I would like to purchase a pink jersey. Can you please tell me how I go about doing that.

Thanks so much.


Submitted by Megan on

Hi Gail! Our jerseys are only up for giveaway on our Facebook page at this time, where legal.

Hi Yolanda! Thank you so much for your interest in the jerseys. What happened on our Facebook page when you tried? We are only able to give them away in certain states due to state laws & regulations.

Submitted by Eric on

Just a speculated guess... but i'm betting a lot of people would be interested in buying your breast cancer jerseys... after all, wouldn't that generate even more proceeds towards the cause if they were made available for purchase? I would proudly wear one throughout the month of October and i'm a male. Not a sermon, just a thought :)

Submitted by Megan on

Hi Debbie! In the past we had added the pink ribbon to the label, but last year we were unable to. We haven't done pink corks but we love the idea! What do you plan on making?

Where can i find the sutter home pink corks? I am a survivor and would love to do a project with them.Thank you

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