The Sutter Home Kitchen is Heatin’ Up for BBB 2010!

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Or should I say, our kitchen was on fire. Figuratively, of course. Here are some in-action photos of our judges enjoying some of your tasty burger creations during the semi-finals round of Build a Better Burger 2010.

As you can see by the judge’s expressions, it really was a difficult decision. I mean, c’mon, could YOU pick just five of these amazing alternative burgers when they’re all so darn delicious? (Note how executive chef, Jeffrey Starr, is sipping on a glass of Sutter Home. Hmm… could this have been due to a suggestion from one of your gourmet recipes?)

Ah, the process of re-creating these beef-y burgers was almost as fun as eating them (almost, but not quite). Head judge, James McNair (on the left) is hard at work determining which of these gourmet burgers he prefers.

Here is a sort of “sneak peek” into what Build a Better Burger 2010 might look like, just add a few more scrumptious burgers, many more bottles of your favorite Sutter Home varietals, and plenty more smiling faces and satisfied stomachs.

Which of our talented contestants will you be rooting for during Build a Better Burger 2010?

Make sure to follow the contest on on September 23rd, 2010! We’ll bringing Build a Better Burger 2010 right to your computer screen with YouTube videos, Facebook updates, tweets, blog posts and more! So stay tuned.


Submitted by on

Good Luck,
Christina your burger is great!

Submitted by Rose on

May I please add your Bengali Blaze burger to our menu?

Submitted by Donna lafortune on

Thinking of you and I know you are a great of luck!!

Submitted by Stacy on

Sounds yummy!!! Good Luck!!!

Submitted by Karen on

The Bengali Blaze burgers sound absolutely amazing...I love your creativity!! I'm going to make them SOON!

Submitted by Donna lafortune on

Christina .what a great cook you are .I cant wait to make your bengali Burger I love Indian food! best of luck to you..

Submitted by Vijay on

Odd that a BEEF burger is named the Bengali Blaze. It's got naan as a bun? That's more Punjabi, really. Bengalis eat more rice than bread/wheat. How very strange.

Submitted by Nicole on

The Arepa Burger is amazing! So many of my favorite things in a single bite!

Submitted by Ashley on

Tried your reciepe for the Bengali Blaze. It was delicious. Good luck to you!

Submitted by Sandra Stiassni on

The Venezuelan Ole Arepa burger rocks!

Submitted by Erica Feliciano on

I made burgers based on the recipe on the site and they were a big hit at the Sunday night football party I had. The Bengali burger is amazing! Big hit!
Thanks for sharing and good luck to the creator.

Submitted by Gary on


Your burger looks so good!

Submitted by Lori on

I have been hearing all this buzz about the Bengali Blaze buger and couldn't resist making it for myself. The layers of flavor in this burger are well balanced , with just the right combination of sweetness and crunch! This burger pays tribute to the emerging Indian cuisine trend, and provides you with great food that's great for you. Best of luck Christina, your burgers amazing!

Submitted by Gwen Zoppo on

I love Indian Food and Ms. Capone's looks and sounds so good. I have visited each of the contestants and printed out Christina's receipe. I am sure it will be a big hit with my husband who love Indian food even more than I do. Thanks to you I have a great way to serve hamburger!

Submitted by Marlene FItzpatrick on

Christina Capone's Burger looks yummy, delicious, juicy just the way the world loves there burgers. she is the best.
Good Luck Christine,

Submitted by elaine randazza on

Awesome burger. absolutley the best.

Submitted by Amanda Capone on

You have opened my world up to Indian food. I love this burger and I love all the ingredients. Many in which I have never liked in the past, but the blend together perfectly. Good luck Christina on your Bengli Blaze Burger!

Bengali Blaze Burgers, hmmm. Not really into Indian food, but when I have some time, I'm going to try this recipe. Good luck Christina! And, congrats to all of the finalists! Have fun.
FTG, Boston MA

Submitted by Bill Petcos on

I was a chef at Disney World and I know how Indian food has been making its way into our recipies! Good Luck on the Bengali Blaze Burger, I think this is a winner!

Submitted by Sam Gallinelli on

I need a Bengali Blaze Burger stat. Sounds amazing!

Submitted by Ken on

What a great collection of burgers this year! For me, one in particular stands out as being different, unique and undoubtedly delicious... the Bengali Blaze Burger! Delicious!

Submitted by elaine ford on

Christina, I LOVED your burger!!!I never would have put those in combination but, when I read it I had to try it...It will now be a staple @ my BBQ..Best of luck ... slainte, Fergie from Boston

I review burgers in the Boston area, and I have to say, these all look delicious. I especially have my eye on the Bengali Blaze burger, yum!

Submitted by Amanda Capone on

The Bengali Blaze Burger made me love Indian cuisine! The "Tamarind Chutney" is amazing, I put extra on my burger. A perfect combination of flavors, well done Christina!

Submitted by Willian Ayres on

I love Indian food! I can't wait to test out the Bengali Blaze Burger! That Grilled Red Onion Raita would be great on a burger, I have made someting like that before, but never imagined putting it on a burger! I hope your burger wins!

Submitted by Jeffrey Rubin on

Christina, your Bengali Blaze Burgers are "hot stuff". You deserve to win the whole "enchilada"!

Submitted by Dan G on

I just ate dinner, but this makes me want to eat again!

Submitted by Julie Morgan on

Christina, you took your love of Indian food and culture to a whole new level! You covered all your bases here in this recipe: a tangy/sweet note with the chutney, crunchy/acidic with the carrot salad, flavorful meat, and of course the creamy raita of yours that I love... all on Naan bread. Yum! When are you inviting me over for test run?

Submitted by Jane on

mmmm, break me off a piece of this burger. this sounds like the best burger ever. at least of the finalists.

Submitted by Ina on

I want some of that Arepa burger!! Aside from the "awwww"-inspiring story behind it, it sounds quite delish! Very creative - hats off, Peter & Carolina.

Submitted by Sue on

Having been lucky enough to taste the Arepa burger, I can say that it is lip-smackingly, finger-lickingly, bib-worthily SCRUMPTIOUS!!

Submitted by Angie on

Nothing like the Venezuelan ¡Olé! Arepa Burger....the combination of flavors its something that you can't will take you to heaven...

Submitted by ross on

I can't wait for the competition to get underway! The recipe for the Venezuelan ¡Olé! Arepa Burger sounds delicious!

Submitted by nao on

And yay, the Venezuelan ¡Olé! Arepa Burger is also gluten-free!

Submitted by Danielle on

Go Peter! The Venezuelan ¡Olé! Arepa Burger definitely sounds the most creative and delicious!

Submitted by stu velky on

The combination of caramelized onions, chorizo, guacumole and chipolte could make the average old shoe taste delicious. When combined with a well-seasoned beef burger, (chorizo acknowledged), and sandwiched between a toasted, hand-made arepa, the result is nothing less than addictive. ¡Olé!

Submitted by Vijay on

The ¡Olé! Arepa Burger sounds amazing. I feel transported to Venezuela just from reading about it.

Submitted by Rachel on

Mmmm-MMMM! Makes my mouth water just thinking about it! GO PETAH!!!

Submitted by Donna lafortune on

just a few more days to go before you can make your burger for the judges..........good luck Christina..

Submitted by Wanda on

Mmmm give me a Bengali burger any day of the week. Move over ketchup the Bengali is here!!

Submitted by Elizabeth Capone on

Bengali Blaze Burger looks amazing! How inventive! This should def win! My mouth is watering!

Submitted by Gabo on

I make arepas and I make burgers all the time, never thought to combine the two. Absolutely DELICIOUS, a plain arepa or plain burger will NEVER be the same again!! LOVE this burger!

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