The Perfect Spring Drink: Cabernet Press Cocktail

| Posted by Heather for Sutter Home

Sutter Home invites you to get refreshed with this homemade, handcrafted cold-press Cabernet cocktail. It puts Cab on ice for a fruit-forward twist on classic red wine. You’ll love how the sweet-tart blend of berries adds a vibrant zing to our Sutter Home Cabernet. With a splash of tart lemonade and a hint of tea, this bounty of berries makes for a heavenly Sutter Home wine cocktail — by the jar or by the batch. Serve it up as a wonderful surprise for weekend gatherings, or as a zippy way to get a jump-start on spring. ​

Glassware: Mason jars, French Press ​
Garnish: Lemon wedge, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries ​

12 oz. Sutter Home Cabernet​
8 Raspberries ​
6 Blackberries​
15 Blueberries​
2 Black Tea Bags, or 2 tbs. of Black Tea ​
4 oz. Lemonade ​

Add ingredients to press. Press down on plunger several times to muddle the fruit and infuse the tea. Serve in iced glass.​

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