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The new millennium called, and Sutter Home Winery has joined the ranks of Facebook players!  Yes friends, we've created a Fan Page to keep you abreast on promotions, sweepstakes, updates, news and events! Please join us.  We'd love to have you.

See you on Facebook!

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Submitted by vmfoundry on

Hi Susan! Due to the overwhelming response from Sutter Home fans, Sutter Home is officially out of Night of Hope kits. Please visit the to learn more about how you can help with breast cancer awareness.

Submitted by Susan Bookout on

Also looking for night of hope mentioned in cooking light magazine----please help.

Looking for the breast cancer offer in the cooking light magazine, for the girls nite.

Submitted by Rhonda Mann on

As a breast cancer survivor I was excited about the Night of Hope kits. If you get any more I would love to have a kit.

Submitted by sue weatherbee on

trying to find your night of hope offer as mentioned in cooking light on facebook without success. Please help, thanks.

Submitted by Cindy Doerr on

The White Zinfendal has always been my favorite. I believe that is was the year 1983.

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