2013 Build a Better Burger® Contest is Now Open!

| Posted by Megan for Sutter Home

Today’s the day! Our 2013 Build a Better Burger® Contest is now open and we’re excited to see all of your delicious recipes! So, gather your ingredients, perfect your burger recipe, host a few tasting sessions, and make sure you enter by September 2nd, 2013.

Want a leg up on the competition? Here are some tips for creating a winning recipe:

Keep Your Recipe Current: Read the latest food magazines and browse Pinterest and see if you can discover a new take on what’s hot. But remember, great taste trumps innovation – creative uses of traditional burger ingredients often work best!
Make Your Recipe Easy to Read: List your ingredients in order of use and include step-by-step preparation directions.
Use Fresh Ingredients: Consider that fresh often tastes the best when choosing ingredients.
Toast or Heat Your Buns: It’s unusual for our judges to go for a tasty burger on a cold bun.
Spend Time on the Name: What’s in a name? Everything! You want your burger recipe to stand out of all the submissions we receive! Just make sure the recipe lives up to the name.
Don’t Repeat a Past Entry: Check out our Burgerbase! While these burger recipes can help give you inspiration, you don’t want yours to be too similar!
Read the Official Rules: We don’t want you to Build a Better Burger to only be disqualified by not following the rules!

Have you followed all these tips and are ready to submit your recipe? Enter online here or mail in your entry (see mailing rules & requirements) by September 2, 2013 and keep a look out for the announcement of our finalists! Stay up to date on everything burger-related on our Facebook page or Twitter.

Good luck!


Submitted by Roberta Sloat Bonney on

I am enjoying your contest! It has been a tantalizing taste party every time I create a new burger and match it up with your amazing varieties of wine!

Submitted by Heather on

Hi Roberta,

That sounds like an amazing time! Do you have a favorite wine & burger combo yet?

Submitted by Katherine Wanamaker on

I have been following this contest and have picked up some great burger recipes from this site. I decided to give it a shot and throw my 'burger in the ring.' After grilling it a few times and sharing with friends, the creation paired with my favorite Cabernet Sauvignon was a hit. I entered it yesterday and it said the submission was accepted. My questions are... when and how do I view my entry and I did not see anywhere to upload my picture. Did I miss something regarding the upload process? Thanks ever so much.

Submitted by Katherine Wanamaker on

I am enjoying this site. So many great ideas. I entered a burger recipe last week and wonder where it is. Also, I wonder how to upload my picture. Thank you...

Submitted by Heather on

Hi Katherine - The photos and receipes that are on the site currently are those finalists and winners for our 2012 Build a Better Burger contest. If you entered last week you entered our 2013 Build a Better Burger contest. Stay tuned here on our site, and on our Facebook for updates on this year's competition!

Submitted by Joy Kunkle on

I just submitted my recipe and did not receive any confirmation. Is this normal or should I re-submit?

Submitted by Joy Kunkle on

I resubmitted my recipe and discovered that the original had not taken. Just FYI to anyone who runs into the same issue I did. You are given the option to review your recipe - making changes as necessary. You do receive a confirmation message that your recipe has been submitted. Thanks and good luck!

Submitted by Eileen on

This is my favorite contest, because burgers are a family favorite! I never have trouble finding tasters for my burger creations...thanks or hosting such an exciting event!!!

Submitted by Roberta Sloat Bonney on

To be honest it is difficult for me to select just one burger from the 100 original burgers I entered in your contest. The variety of wines you make provides a delicious and balanced combination to each and every one burgers uniqueness! A complex burger pairing Sutter Home’s Chenin Blanc along with Sa vadista Lotus Rootlets Indian Lamb Burger or a simple but over the top in flavor Patriotic Police Burger paired with Sauvignon Blanc may just be enough to make your guests come back time and time again. The Happy Dragon Eggroll Burger combined with sweet White Zinfandel Wine by Sutter Home chilled well will be a perfect pairing too!

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