Celebrate National Moscato Day with Sutter Home

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Text, tweet or call your friends - May 9th is National Moscato Day and a celebration is in order! Host your own Moscato party or happy hour with the tips below.

RSVP to our Party

A chilled glass of Moscato is always better with friends! From 5-6pm PT on May 9th, we’ll be hosting a fabulous Twitter party in honor of our Moscatos. Join us at @SutterHome & follow the convo by searching #SutterHomeMoscato on Twitter to learn all about our five different Moscato varietals, how to best enjoy and pair them, and have a chance to win a prize! Make sure to RSVP so you’re entered to win.

Choose a Drink

We have five Moscato varietals, all of which are refreshingly sweet and delicious. Choose from our Moscato, Pink Moscato, Red Moscato or add a bit of fizz with our Bubbly Moscato and Bubbly Pink Moscato. Have a large group coming over? Have all five types ready and see which varietal is a crowd favorite!

Add Some Flair

With its sweet taste and option of bubbles, Sutter Home Moscato is the perfect inspiration to decorate your get-together. Consider a sequin tablecloth, gold-glitter rimmed glasses, or sparkly centerpieces set throughout your home to set the perfect mood for your National Moscato Day party.

Plan a Menu

From crab cakes to chocolate cake, Sutter Home Moscatos pair well with a wide variety of menu options. If you need a handy reference, print out this pairing card to help you write your shopping list.

What Sutter Home Moscato will you be sipping during your National Moscato Day soirée this Thursday, May 9th?



Submitted by sonya black on

We love Sutter Home Wines..espically the pink and the bubbly pink!!!

Submitted by Heather on

Thank you, Sonya. What food pairings do you usually enjoy while sipping on our Moscato?

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