Sutter Home Wine & Food Pairing Series: Bubbly Pink Moscato

| Posted by Megan for Sutter Home

In honor of our country's birthday AND Wine Wednesday, this week is all about sparkling wine! Yesterday's trivia was about Spanish sparkling and today's Wine & Food Pairing Series is all about Sutter Home Bubbly Pink Moscato. Red White & Pink anyone? Scroll down for some fun trivia about sparkling wine!

With flavors of crisp melon, honey and mango, our Sutter Home Bubbly Pink Moscato makes the perfect accompaniment to grilled fig pizza, ham and crescent roll sandwiches, steak with almond & apricot sauce, cherry tomato angel hair pasta, chicken cordon bleu, light to mild cheeses, and peach cobbler.

Burger Pairing: Pineapple Upside-Down Burger

Didja know that sparkling wines were created completely by accident!? Way back when, while wine makers were fermenting their wine, winters got so cold that the fermentation stopped. When Spring came back around, the wine started to re-ferment, creating delicate bubbles along with it! This might be one of our favorite mistakes in wine history!


Submitted by George Levinthal on

Would either of the bubly moscatos be good as the basis for a Mimosa, or would they be too sweet for mixing with orange juice?

Submitted by Heather on

Hi George – Our Bubbly Pink Moscato is slightly sweeter than our Bubbly Moscato (you can see both varietals’ flavor profiles on our website:, but we think that making a mimosa with Bubbly Pink Moscato would be a yummy twist on a brunch favorite! Let us know how you like it if you try making it.

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