Jana Atwood Presents her Burger

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Jana Atwood presents her Cool as a Cucumber Slaw Burgers with Dill-Feta Spread and Crispy Potato Pancake burger.  The judges described it as "finger-licking" good, and commented that the cucumber cooled them off on this hot day!.

Jana Atwood!

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Submitted by Ryan on

Gooooo Jana! We love this burger!

Submitted by Terressa T. on


This hamburger is great for a hot day.

Submitted by Krissy on

Go Jana! Your burgers are the best!

Submitted by Marilyn John on

Go,go, go, Jana Mae!

Submitted by Lily Atwood on

I hope you win, Mommy!

Submitted by Amy Thurston on

I'm drooling all over my computer. Can't wait to try it!

Submitted by momsie on

Sounds great...we,re rooting for you...momsie

Submitted by momsie on

Crap...I'm a lousy speller but I love your burger

Submitted by April on

Who wouldn't love this burger and the cute chef! Go Jana!

Submitted by Jespy on

I'm on pins and needles here! This is so exciting.

Submitted by Gary & Cevillia on

Way to go Jana....your burger is already a winner with us!

Submitted by Rachel Hall on

Go Jana! You are the best!

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