Bring on the alternative finalists!

| Posted by Megan for Sutter Home

They are just going too darn fast for my fingers of fury. Our region 1 finalist hit the stage with her burger and the general consensus was that it was a very moist burger, which is difficult to accomplish with seafood burgers. Valerie has impressed the judges with the flavors.

Region 2's Susan Scarborough is currently up there as I type furiously. The judges are diggin' her balance of flavors. Nothing overwhelms and they are working in harmony which is proving to be a positive combo!

So far I have yet to hear any judge pulling a Simon Cowell...all high marks for Regions 1 and 2 (sorry to Valerie and've become numbers. I apologize! It's just that typing 1 and 2 is so much quicker! I promise to learn to type faster...)

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I'm nervous and dizzy with excitement and I'm all the way in Mississippi! Keep the posts coming!

Submitted by Mike on

When will this be shown on the food Network... it is my favorite show each year!

Hi Mike,

Food Network will be airing the show in May of 2009, in time for the kick off of grilling season! We will definitely keep everyone posted as to specifics. Thanks for checking us out!

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