Alexia® Foods

At Alexia, we love food as much as you. That's why we make it exactly the way you would: all-natural, gourmet-inspired, and absolutely delicious.

Our creativity and passion for superior-quality side dishes run deep and stem back to when Manhattan chef, Alex, decided to create exceptional quality side dishes that achieved the same discerning standard as main entrées. From the sea salt and seasonings in our Beauregard Sweets and Yukon Gold Potatoes to our perfectly baked artisan breads, Alexia uses only natural, quality ingredients to make everyday sides simply extraordinary. Visit us at


When you bite into a crunchy CLAUSSEN pickle, you are enjoying the world's most excellent pickle. In order to bring you crunchier, tastier pickles, we deliver a product that is literally off the vine – in up to 8 days! The different flavors and styles complement a variety of tastes and occasions - including Kosher Dill, Hot & Spicy, Bread 'N Butter, Deli Style Hearty Garlic, New York Deli Half Sours, and Burger Slices.

King's Hawaiin

Ever since Robert Taira opened his first bakery in Hilo, Hawaii over 60 years ago, his Original Hawaiian Sweet Bread recipe has tempted families with irresistibly delicious flavor. KING'S HAWAIIAN® sweet rolls, buns and bread are still family made with Robert's commitment to quality and the Aloha Spirit that made KING'S HAWAIIAN famous.


Here for the making since 1919.

In 1919 our iconic Stand Mixer was born. And from that stemmed an entire kitchen of high-performance appliances-all created with the same attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, versatile technology and timeless design. As the only appliance brand that only makes things for the kitchen, we continue to keep pushing the limits with our products so you can keep doing the same with everything you create. So, here's to you, your kitchen and the delicious world that surrounds us all.


Pabst Blue Ribbon is not just any beer, so you would expect the history to be a bit unusual, and it is. Pabst was originally called "Select," but people started asking for that "Blue Ribbon" beer in 1882 when we started tying silk ribbons to the bottles. We officially added the words "Blue Ribbon" to the bottle in 1895. Today, this classic American brew has been adopted by a whole new generation of PBR drinkers. Currently, Pabst Blue Riboon is one of the fastest growing domestic beer brands. In short, it's a damn fine beer.


PAM no-stick cooking sprays are America’s favorite cooking sprays. From sautéing and baking to grilling, you can count on PAM to help you pull off the perfect meal every time. Choose from seven varieties, including PAM Grilling, which is specially formulated for higher temperatures, and our NEW Organic Olive Oil, Organic Canola Oil and Coconut Oil. Whatever the cooking task, PAM has your back. Visit us at

President Brie

#1 Brie in France and in the US, Président® Brie is always creamy and made with all natural ingredients. As Europe’s leading cheese expert, for 75 years Président® cheese makers refined the art of crafting impeccably delicious European-style cheeses, encouraging discovery and celebrating everyday creativity. You can count on Président® as your personal specialty cheese guide, taking you through the extraordinary variety of styles and flavors. President® Brie is a staple for any cheese boards or to prepare classic creations like Baked Brie. It is also the perfect ingredient for cooking (sandwiches, pasta, pizza, salads…) and a very special and indulgent snack.

President® cheeses are a guaranteed hit to impress and please!

Visit us at:


Since 1952 Weber has been in the business of producing grills and grilling accessories that consumers are proud to own. Products they can trust. At the core is quality and attention to detail and a commitment to treating customers with respect. Weber is a global brand people aspire to attain. Weber not only promises a fantastic grill ownership experience, it delivers. Sign up for Weber Nation and receive our newest recipe each Friday. Check us out at, Facebook, Twitter.