BUBBA Burger®

BUBBA burger® is sold nationwide and is the #1 branded frozen burger in the United States. Our history began in the early 90s and is a true American burger story. BUBBA burger® was created by Walter “Bubba” Eaves and his mission and dream was to create a perfect and juicy burger; a burger that would make him “proud to serve to his friends at home” and, today, BUBBA burger® has eight burger varieties which are sure to please all palates! To ensure the highest possible quality, BUBBA burger® uses only whole meat chuck in our burger patties and we refuse to use any fillers or trimmings. Couple this with our unique production method that allows for the BUBBA burger® to be cooked from a frozen state yet remain juicy and flavorful – and there you have it – a perfect BUBBA burger® every time!

Cape Cod Potato Chips®

Cape Cod Potato Chips began as a dream of producing and selling kettle-cooked potato chips using a small-batch process that allows you to taste the true potato flavor. The distinctive crunch and hearty flavor became legendary among Cape Cod tourists and quickly spread to the rest of New England and beyond. What started as an 800-square-foot storefront location on West Main Street in Hyannis, Massachusetts is now sold in retail locations across the United States.

Blue Rhino

In 1994, Blue Rhino – named for the color of a propane flame and the endangered animal – launched America’s first branded propane tank exchange service. Today, Blue Rhino is more than propane, with a full line of products that create family time and special moments in the backyard, patio and home. Offering convenience, innovation and affordable luxury, Blue Rhino’s outdoor living products include grills, barbecue tools and accessories, patio heaters, fire pits, fireplace accessories, mosquito traps, furniture/grill covers and more sold under such brands as Mr. Bar-B-Q®, Mr. Pizza™, Endless Summer®, UniFlame®, Backyard Basics and SkeeterVac®. Blue Rhino’s leading propane exchange brand is available at more than 45,000 retail stores in 50 states and Puerto Rico and is based in Winston-Salem, N.C. Blue Rhino is a division of Ferrellgas, L.P. For more information, visit

KC Masterpiece®

KC Masterpiece® Barbecue Sauce, with its perfect blend of rich tomato, molasses and spices, was originally created by Dr. Rich Davis. A physician and barbecue aficionado, Dr. Davis introduced his sauce in Kansas City in 1978. Since then, the rich taste of KC Masterpiece® Barbecue Sauce has grown in popularity to become one of America's favorite barbecue sauces. In fact, it's the number one sauce in Kansas City, “barbecue's hometown.” KC Masterpiece® Barbecue Sauces are thick, rich and bold, adding smoky and sweet flavor to every bite. They're great for grilling, broiling, and baking, and as an ingredient in recipes. KC Masterpiece® Barbecue Sauces are available in eight delicious flavors.


The Scripto® brand, a premium brand from Calico Brands, Inc., has been a household name for over 80 years and is dedicated to quality and safety. The Scripto® Aim ‘n Flame® was the first multi-purpose lighter introduced to the U.S. marketplace in 1985. As a recognized market leader, the Scripto® brand offers innovative multi-purpose lighters with a variety of features, such as an adjustable flame, torch wind resistant flame, flexible nozzle, and a refillable, folding mechanism. Scripto® multi-purpose lighters are perfect for lighting grills, campfires, fireplaces, candles, and more. An essential lighting accessory for all lighting needs!

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For more than 150 years, DOLE has been canning delicious, sun ripened fruit. Fruit gives you healthy energy so you feel refreshed and ready to shine. Enjoy the sweet, juicy taste of DOLE Canned Pineapple, Mandarin Oranges or Tropical Fruit in your favorite recipes or simply as a healthy snack right out of the can. To sign up for The Sunshine Times, our quarterly e-newsletter with tasty recipe ideas, coupons, sweepstakes news and more, visit

DOLE. Make Every Day Shine®


At Mezzetta®, we love food and we pour our hearts into what we do. Whether it’s our best-selling peperoncinis, jalapenos, locally grown red peppers, imported olives, or our savory selection of gourmet pasta sauce, Mezzetta products are perfect as a quick appetizer, guilt-free snack, or source of endless recipe inspiration. Each and every jar of Mezzetta is glass-packed with highest quality ingredients sourced from sun drenched soils stretching from the Mediterranean to California. We’re honored to share our family’s tradition of serving delicious, wholesome food with your family. For recipes, cooking tips, product information, and more, visit


Since 1952, Weber has been in the business of producing grills and grilling accessories that everyone can trust. Products that make them proud to stand in the backyard and grill for friends and family. Passion to create only the best runs deeps at Weber. With unwavering commitment to quality and detail, it is not a surprise that Weber is a global brand people aspire to attain. With the purchase of a Weber grill, you are not only promised a fantastic experience, you are delivered one. Check us out at for more information.