Are you Ready for Build a Better Burger 2010?

It’s going to be quite exciting, so get ready!

Here’s a little insight into what’s going on today:

•Cook off begins at 10 AM (Miami time, of course). This is when our alternative burger finalists will start their grills, so make sure you’re awake!
•At 11:15 AM our beef burger finalists will fire up their grills!
•At 1PM our judges will begin their “grilling” of the alternative burger finalists.
•2:15 PM is about the time the judges will begin their “grilling” session of our beef burger finalists
•Around 3:30 is when we’ll find out who won the grand prize of $100,000! (Better make sure you’re at your computer just a few minutes early so as not to miss one single juicy detail.)

Make sure you’re following all of the fabulous updates on! (In-action YouTube videos, tweets, Facebook posts & more. Yes, it’s all there.) Now, have you chosen your favorite finalist burger recipe yet?

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